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Progressive Medical Research's custom, state of the art clinical pharmacology research unit brings together an impressive blend of experience and services. Our management has performed a broad spectrum of clinical studies across virtually every therapeutic area.  Working with local hospitals and organizations, we offer customized solutions for our clients' early phase clinical research needs.


Alex White, MD

Founder, Owner & Principal Investigator

Board Certified - 20 Years Experience.  Graduated with MD and received his degree from USF Medical School in '91.  Dr. White completed his residency in family medicine at Halifax Hospital in Daytona Beach, Florida.  Dr. White spent 7 years in ER and was associate faculty for the family medicine residency program. Dr. White helped organize the Hospitalist program at Halifax Medical Center and is currently working as a Hospitalist.  Spent the last 15 years as medical director and Principal Investigator in clinical research specializing in Phase 1-3 trials.  Dr. White has conducted approximately 245 trials as a principal investigator. 

Chelsea Mabry, Ph.D.
Clinical Research Scientist

Chelsea Mabry received a B.S. in Biology and Biochemistry from Old Dominion University, and an M.S. and Ph.D. in Microbiology and Immunology from the University of Louisville School of Medicine. Dr. Mabry’s research interests focus on inflammatory processes that can contribute to a beneficial immune response, or drive the development of disease when inflammation is chronic and uncontrolled. Her dissertation research, conducted at the Institute for Cellular Therapeutics in Louisville, Kentucky, elucidated the cellular signaling mechanisms responsible for the minimal inflammatory properties of the potent immuno-stimulatory vaccine adjuvant Monophosphate Lipid A. As an assistant professor at Stetson University, Dr. Mabry investigated the mechanism whereby spice phytochemicals inhibit inflammation in response to disease-driving agents like amyloid-beta (Alzheimer’s disease), hyaluronic acid (rheumatoid arthritis), and HMGB1 (Multiple Sclerosis). Dr. Mabry has research experience in inflammation, vaccination, autoimmunity, natural products, and generation of mixed chimerism for graft retention. 


Dr. Bhanu Visvalingam


Board Certified in Medical Oncology and Internal Medicine.  Dr. Visvalingam has been in clinical practice for over 6 years.  He graduated from Boston University School of Medicine in 1998 and completed Internal Medicine residency and fellowship training in hematology/oncology at Winthrop-University Hospital in 2003.  He practiced for three years in South Carolina and is currently in private practice in Central Florida.  Throughout his career he has been actively enrolling patients in clinical trials and has been sub-investigator in multiple oncology clinical trials.

Richard Marshall, PA-C

Richard Marshall has 10 years of clinical research experience. He graduated from the University of Florida in 1998.  Prior to receiving certification as a Physician's Assistant, he received extensive training as a Respiratory
Therapist.  He is currently on staff at Florida Hospital as well as Progressive Medical Research.

Mindy Mumpower

Clinical Research Coordinator CRC

Mindy brings extensive clinical experience in all aspects of clinical trials including regulatory, start-up, screening, recruitment, monitoring, and follow-up of study participants.  She has been working with Dr. White in the research field since 2005. 

Michael Carrier


Director of Finance

Mike Carrier is a Registered Investment Advisor that has been affiliated with Dr. White since 1995.  Mike's knowledge of business development, organizational management, and financial accounting and budgeting allows Progressive Medical Research the ability to maximize their efficiency while minimizing their costs.  A graduate of the University of Central Florida in 1993 with a bachelor's degree in business, Mike is currently the President and Owner of Michael S. Carrier & Associates a private wealth management firm located in Lake Forest, FL that he founded in 1995.

Jacqulin Webster
Regulatory Specialist


Lindsey Miller


Director of Operations

Ginger Callison, RN


RN / Clinical Research Coordinator


Julie Mitchell


RN / Clinical Research Coordinator 


Basil White, BA CCRP


Certified Clinical Research Professional


Cindy Bucci, CCRP


Certified Clinical Research Professional


Robert Harris, EMT ACLS


Clinical Research Coordinator


Nora Borello


Clinical Research Coordinator


Cindy Waskiewicz
Recruitment Specialist / Marketing 
Andrew White
Recruitment Specialist / Marketing Assistant
J. Scott Singmaster M.S.
Marketing Development and Patient Enrollment